The Llama Man is the story of artist Martin Muñoz and his project of building an English Library of his personal collection of recycled American books.

After migrating from rural Argentina, he landed in New York City and became known as “The Llama Man” for walking around Manhattan with his llama Chiqui, and selling polaroid photographs to tourists alongside the animal.

Later on he settled in the Catskill Mountains, where he self renovated a barn into his home with recycled materials, where he gardens, paints, and hosts his thrift store and gallery. Since the 1980's he has collected 20,000 books, and in 2015 at the age of 74, he personally brought them to Mendoza, Argentina and started an English Library.

This project seeks to highlight Martin’s distinctly creative approach to life and his ability to peacefully challenge customs set in society through his artistic practice.